Arant Law, LLC

Legal Services

Legal support for Parker and the greater Denver metro residents and businesses.

Areas of Practice

Real Estate

Arant Law's in-depth experience with real estate law includes:

  • Adverse Possessions
  • Colorado's Homestead Law
  • Contracts
  • Conveyance Deeds
  • Landlord Tenants 
  • Liens 
  • Loan Modifications
  • Tax Deeds
  • Title Commitment

Civil Litigation/personal injury

Whether you're confronted with a specific legal issue or have questions only a lawyer can accurately answer, Arant Law is here to help. Attempting to tackle a legal matter on your own can end up negatively impacting the outcome of your situation. We review, manage, and resolve these disputes before state and federal courts, appellate courts, administrative agencies, mediators and arbitrators. In some circumstances, successful results are achieved through mediation or arbitration. However, we are more than prepared to move into litigation if needed.


Arant Law has extensive expertise with the issues of Colorado foreclosure such as:

  • Bank Litigation and Settlements
  • Deed-in-Lieus
  • HOA Foreclosures
  • Judicial Foreclosures 
  • Post-Foreclosure Deficiency
  • Post-Foreclosure Evictions
  • Public Trustee Foreclosure
  • Rule 120 Foreclosure Hearings
  • Short Sales


At Arant Law, we will address your issues and concerns regarding Bankruptcy:

  • Bankruptcy Alternatives
  • Bankruptcy and Divorce
  • Immediate Financial Relief 
  • Life After Filing
  • Preparing for Bankruptcy
  • Respossesion
  • Small Business Bankruptcy 
  • Taxes and Bankruptcy
  • Wage Garnishments and Lawsuits